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You got a call back from the company you just applied at for an internship. First off, CONGRATS! You’ve worked hard preparing your resume and cover letter and now, it’s finally time for the interview. Now is about the time the nerves set in, right? Well, with a little preparation, your nerves won’t get the best of you. Read on for some tips on how to have a great experience at your next interview.

Tip #1: Do Your Research

You might have already done this at this point, but it you haven’t, be sure to find out as much about the company as possible. You will be asked what you know about the company in the interview. The more you know, the more it shows you are genuinely interested in working for the company. Try to use sites like Glassdoor to find reviews of employees that have worked there. You can find out what the culture is like and if employees are satisfied with their jobs. Remember you are also trying to determine if the company is a good fit for you as well.

Tip #2: Be Prepared

The night before your interview, make sure you set out your suit or clothes you are going to wear and have your resumes printed and ready to go in a portfolio. Print out around 5-10 copies if you aren’t sure how many people are going to be in the interview. Make sure you print one out for yourself as well as the job description. This will help you tie your answers back to the job and keep you focused when it is right in front of you.

Make sure you know where you the company is located. If you aren’t familiar with where it is, drive by the day before to get an idea of how long it will take you. Prepare to arrive 15 minutes before your interview. If you are any earlier, just wait in your car. You don’t want to be too early and make your interviewers feel rushed.

Tip #3: Practice

You can Google the most common HR questions and there will be dozens of sites that pop up that will give you a listing. Practice these questions in front of a mirror or have a friend or family member ask you those questions. Act as if you were really in the interview so dress in your suit and bring your portfolio. Practice your handshake with them as well. It might seem silly at first, but practicing really helps to relieve your nerves. Going through the motions, even if it is staged, helps prepares you for the real interview.

Tip #4: Get Enough Sleep

My last tip is to get enough sleep. You might find your nerves keeping you up, but the best way to prepare for your interview is to be at your best self. You can’t be at your best self with only a few hours of sleep. Eat a good breakfast that morning and relax knowing that if you followed these tips, you should be well prepared for your next interview.

Remember that an interview is great way to learn. Even if your interview doesn’t go the way you envisioned, find out what ways you need to prepare better. We will all have bad interviews and I have learned more from the bad interviews than with the good ones. I realized that I needed to prepare more in certain areas. The more interviews you go on, the less nervous you will be.

I hope you all are enjoying my posts. Stop by tomorrow for day five!

Have a great day!

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