My Favorite Winter Activities

I may be in the minority here, but I absolutely love winter. I love how the snow makes everything look so beautiful and how things seem to stand still. While most people complain about the snow, I love hearing when more snow is coming. Maybe I like the winter more than most people because most of my favorite things to do take place during this blustery season. Although winter is coming to a close soon, there is still time to do a few fun winter activities!

1.Learn to ski or snowboard

You can take up snowboarding or skiing at anytime. Don’t be intimidated when you first try. You have to remember that some people have been snowboarding or skiing for years and this is your first time. I started snowboarding when I was about 13 years old and it was rough. I was at that age where kids could be pretty brutal, but I didn’t quit. I would fall and people would laugh at me, but I just had to keep reminding myself that I was just a beginner and that eventually I would get better. With that being said, I am by no means a professional snowboarder. We’ll just say I can make it down the hill without falling, but you know what? I’m OK with that. I really enjoy snowboarding and I only do it for myself. Sometimes I even go alone because I find it to be really relaxing. I can put in my headphones and listen to some music and spend a few hours on the hill. It’s my me time.

The great thing about snowboarding is most places you can get lessons and rent your equipment to see if it is something you will like so you aren’t investing much. Remember that it takes practice and you might be like me and not be very good at first, but keep trying!

2. Try a new outdoor winter activity

I decided I needed to try a new outdoor winter activities since I had always snowboarded in the winter and that was the only activity that I really did in the snow. My boyfriend  and brother love hunting and fishing and none of us had ever gone ice fishing before. We decided to go last weekend and I will probably never be invited back because I felt bad for the fish and started crying so they said I could throw the fish back and that we didn’t have to eat him. I think I heard my brother say something like “this is why we leave the women at home”. 🙂

But, that’s besides the point. I wanted to try something new so I did! I’m proud of myself for trying something new. I loved being in the outdoors and it was very peaceful being on the water so it was an enjoyable experience overall.


3. Do a winter photo shoot

I have always enjoyed the outdoors ever since I was a kid. It didn’t matter what time of year it was either. I have always been an avid runner although since I finished college and have been working full-time for the last two years, my running schedule has fallen off. However, I have always enjoyed being in nature.

I have recently been enjoying photography a lot more. The winter is a great time to take pictures because things look so different. Places are less crowded too so you can get better shots.

Once when it was rainy, my sister and I decided to go take pictures outside. We thought we would get some cool shots because most people don’t go outside when it’s raining so we got some unique shots.

I did this again when it was cold and snowy out. I had so much fun that I forgot how cold it was outside and I was excited about the great shots that I got.


4. Plan a movie day & build a fort

Although I love being outdoors, sometimes it’s just too cold out. On days like this, I like to watch movies and build a fort of blankets. I’ll either have cookies or brownies baking in the oven with some hot cocoa and it makes my home smell so delicious. Cuddling in the blankets makes it more enjoyable to watch the snow fall or just admire the outdoors from the comfort of my couch.

Winter is the one time where you have an excuse to just lay around on a Sunday afternoon and do nothing but watch movies under blankets all day.

5. Have a spa day

One of my absolutely favorite things to do is have a little spa day in the winter. My skin and hair are always so dry and in need of a lot of care. I love putting on a face mask and a hair mask and taking a nice warm shower. After my shower, I turn on my essential oil diffuser with some lavender or lemon while I listen to an audio book or catch up on some things that I have put off like organizing and decluttering.It’s the perfect way to unwind.

I feel so much better after my spa day especially since I tend to get the winter blues. If I keep the routine of having a spa day once a week, I’m in a much better mood. It might sound silly, but if I do something small like that for myself I feel like I can accomplish more things.

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